Brush Machinery

From the past up to now, since human started paying attention to his cleanity in body, children, oral, environment, animals etc… Brushes play very important roll. They are with us from the beginning of the day in the morning, with tooth or cosmetic brushes, continue with shoe polishing, street sweepers, carwash, animal wash, industrial brushes, person and medical care and of course, homes & WCs cleaning, beauty & clinicals etc…

After many years of brush production with hands and primary machines, automatic machines came in industry and parallel with society growing, automatic brush production developed all around the world to response to human needs.

Nowadays, automatic brush production machines are very common in industry and there are lots of manufacturers which try to develop their technologies and production capacities with smart machines.

Barbin Makina, is very proud of introducing the best technologies, machines and innovations to its valuable customers infield of brush production. No matter if you want to produce household, oral care, industrial, personal care, medical or special brushes, you can relay on Barbin Makina as a partner for your machines supplement.

Our brands in field of Brush Machinery are as below: