VMC 352W-360

VMC352W is an automatic drill and tuft machine for production of cylindrical brushes. In order to achieve automatic production, displacement of drilling and tufting unit between several stations, implements with servo axis. Mentioned movement can be optionally by means of pneumatic system instead of servo motor.

Thanks to flexible tufting system, cylindrical brush from Ø 60mm up to  Ø 250mm can be produced and the max. radius of each brush can be 800mm. In addition, several sweepers and disc brushes production is possible with special carriages on the machine.

More than 2.000 mm long cylindrical brushes and up to 600 mm disc brushes in diameter and 35° deviation from vertical axis can be produced in one continous process.

The own developed EBSER-Software for operation and programming of the machine is compatible with Microsoft ®.

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