VMC 342

VMC342 is a drilling and tufting machine for small to middle production quantities. Pneumatic or optionally servo axis controlled displacement system of drilling and filling unit between clamping, provides the possibility of continuous operation during the production.

Existing of new designed flexible clamping, called „Easy-Click clamp system“, makes the clamping stations changeover as quick as possible without tool!, so, switching between several models can quickly happen and be adjusted.

Cause of special EBSER-designed structure, various carriges for special brushes can be installed in the machine.

During one operation process, brushes up to 600 mm long, and in two tufting processes brushes up to 1.000 mm can be tufted by the machine.

The Maximum angular deviation of bundles in length and width can be 45°. The own developed EBSER-Software for operation and programming of the machine is compatible with Microsoft ®.

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