Personal care brushes

From early morning wake up time, until sleep time in the night we are engaged with personal care brushes. Nair brushes, nail and polish brushes, mascara or cosmetics, barber brushes etc… are most used samples of personal care brushes.

During common duties in work places or even in regard to animals, brushes are our best friends!

So, increasing the population and need to more personal brushes, caused automatic production by machines.

Barbin Makina recommend you best high performance machines for producing of tufted personal care brushes. Our machines give you the opportunity to present high quality, quick made and comfort production processes ever exist.

We recommend below machines in above mentioned topic:

  • VMC 226 for automatic and continues production with trimming at the same time.
  • VMC 242 for semi-automatic economic production
  • VMC 343 fully automatic drilling & tufting
  • VMC 546 fully automatic drilling and tufting in huge quantity

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