Technical brushes

The application of technical or industrial brushes is increasing day by day parallel with growing societies and population. Street sweepers mobile devices, glass wash or carpet wash machines, automatic car washes, animal farms, industrial confectionaries, welding workshops, food prepare and sorting systems an so on… are some of main users of technical brushes which made with thermoplastic , metal or abrasive materials.

Technical drilled and tufted brushes are making in variety of shapes and most common forms are disc and cylinder types.

No matter if you want to produce disc or cylinder brushes, or if you want to produce brushes with normal or abrasive filaments. Barbin Makina is your best partner to provide you high performance machines.

Our recommendation to the fabrics, who wants to produce technical brushes, might be (but not limited to) :

  • VMC 352-W : a 5 axis machine with trimmers and highest filling tool stroke for continues cylinder brushes production.
  • VMC 342 – 360 : a 4 axis machines with highest filling tool stroke equal to 360 mm for producing of high quality drilled and tufted street sweeper brushes with thermoplastic and/or metal filaments.
  • VMC 343 : a 4 axis full automatic drilling and tufting machines for wire or abrasive brushes.

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