Household brushes

Household brushes are one of must used and necessary equipment in houses, WCs, dishwashing nits, markets, workshops, restaurants, shops etc…

Normally, household brushes are producing in different shapes or sizes for specific applications. In regard to the material, household brushes consist of tufted bristles by means of wire, anchor wire or recently wireless on plastic or wooden blocks and the bristles can be made of thermoplastics such as PA, PBT or PET, PVC, PA filaments or natural plant filaments such as coconut, arenga, bassine etc… or animal hairs such as goat, horse, boar etc… hairs.

Barbin Makina is proud of supplying drilling and filling machines for household brushes production. Our machines are able to produce flat and round brooms and brushes for:

  • normal kitchen brooms
  • dish washing brushes
  • shoe polishers
  • carwash brushes
  • cellulite medical brushes
  • WC brushes

Household brushes production might be in fully automatic or semi-automatic processes. Barbin Makina introduces verity of machines from simple manual machines to fully automated.

Our recommended machines with radial or round (or half round) carriages are:

  • VMC 342
  • VMC 343
  • VMC 546 (best and economic seller)

Or special machines according to customer’s needs.

by the way, we provide you related trimming machines in each type of brush.

for more information about above mentioned machine types, please refer to “machine types” section in this website.