About Us

We are Barbin Makina

Supporting our customers, producers and manufacturers to achieve cost-effective, high performance and economic solutions to machines or materials is our philosophy of existing.

At Barbin Makina we are:

  • Supporting factories and giving consultation to choose the most applicable and suitable new or second hand machines for their production lines and after sales services such as provide of spare parts or technical service by local well trained technicians.
  • Assisting machines manufacturers to produce complete machines or some parts, or overhaul them in Turkey by local technical team. And parallel with mentioned activities, feasibility studies in the market, finding potentials, machines sale and after sales services are given to manufacturers which cooperate with Barbin Makina.

Giving the opportunity to machines owners, who want to sell used machine of our cooperator machine manufacturers.

We provide the most applicable new or second hand machines, spare parts or technical services to producer companies and develop machines manufacturing, sales or after sales services for machines manufacturer companies.

To implement mentioned services, we:

  • Make feasibility studies in the market to find potentials for selling of related machines.
  • Assist producer companies to find the most suitable priced and applicable new or second hand machines for their production.
  • Provide after sales services, spare parts and technical consultations to machines buyers or machines manufacturers.
  • Develop sales network of machine manufacturing companies in a determined area.
  • Provide the condition of investment and machines or spare parts of machines manufacturing either overhaul of used machines in Turkey to achieve high quality and better economic and commercial situation in the market.

Consider an area for machines owners to put machines specifications and provide opportunities to factories with are looking for available machines.

Barbin Makina supplies the customer below machines / systems:


We are a professional company in brush machines industry. It doesn’t any matter if you need full / semi-automatic brush tufting machines or finishing systems, our 100% German-made machines with pure German technology, provides the best condition for every fabric which plans for high performance Industrial, household, personal care and many other brush types production.



Our customers rely complete on our blister packaging solutions. This comes from our experiences and long term developments in field of blister packaging such as half-blister, full blister, clam shell or new sustainable packaging technologies. We support medical production companies or any other fabrics which want to pack their products with sustainable packaging systems.